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Tewkesbury Heritage Centre is an exquisite example of a 17th Century home and shop. After painstaking restoration, this lovely building will take your breath away as a stroll through the airy rooms allows you to slip back through time and gaze out at the town as life goes on around you. 

The building took several years to restore and eventually opened its doors in 2007.  It is a Grade II* listed building and was on the buildings at risk register and vacant for a long time before it was rescued and restored.  With the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage the building was painstakingly restored to the stunning building you see today.  The building is mainly 17th century but during restoration one part was found to date back to the 16th century.  During the work, hidden gems were found like the painted room which had been covered over as well as a totally sealed room which had been completely hidden.  As well as this, lots of interesting artefacts were found such as hats, shoes and many other things belonging to the people who have lived in the building over the years.

Restoration techniques are a mystery to many of us, but a visit to our painted room will explain the delicate process behind the conservation of these hidden works of art.

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